Mississippi Assessment and Accountability Reporting System

DISTRICT: (4000) - Leake County
SCHOOL: (016) - South Leake High
YEAR: 2010/2011

District Accreditation Status
Notes: Accreditation statuses are assigned only to school districts.
Statuses: Accredited, Advised, Probation, Withdrawn.

Achievement and Growth Models
Notes: Applies to Districts and Schools only if grades 4 or higher are served.
Accountability Status: Star School, High Performing, Successful, Academic Watch,
Low Performing, At Risk of Failing, Failing.
Accountability Status LOW PERFORMING
Quality of Distribution Index(QDI) 106
Growth Status NOT MET
Graduation Rate 64.8
High School Completion Index(HSCI) 166.1
Priority School? Met

NCLB Adequate Yearly Progress and Title I Improvement
Notes: Minimum N for inclusion of subgroup in AYP model is 40.
Title I Improvement Status: Improvement Year 1, Improvement Year 2, Corrective Action,
Restructuring Plan, Restructuring. Blank means not identified for improvement.
Area AYP Determination -or- Improvement Status
Reading/Language Not Met
Mathematics Met
Other Academic Indicators Improvement Year 2
Adequate Yearly Progress Subgroup Results
Notes: Minimum N for inclusion of subgroup in AYP model is 40.
Yes=Met AYP, *Yes=Met by Safe Harbor, No=Not Met.
SubGroup Reading/Language Mathematics
All Students *YES NO
Students with Disabilities < MIN < MIN
Limited English Proficient < MIN < MIN
Economically Disadvantaged *YES NO
Asian < MIN < MIN
Black *YES NO
Hispanic < MIN < MIN
Native American < MIN < MIN
White < MIN < MIN